Quicken Loans Call Center

Cleveland, OH


"Light and Dark oak from Artisanal HardWoods were installed for the most prominent location - the grand staircase that also served as a Third Space for everyone to meet, have huddles, and ties the entire environment  together. The material was an installer’s dream - it looks beautiful and flawless!

"Another ASI material selected was the High Line Vinyl plank which had a wood grain appearance and complimented the natural hardwoods.

Recreated in the same parquet pattern in the primary corridor areas and again in the large, two-story kitchen, European Vinyl Collection was a  cost effective solution providing  ease of maintenance in this heavy trafficked space.

"As soon as we found dPOP was working on Quicken Loans, I called our ASI rep and explained, 'Here’s our crazy concept, we have this fast timeline, this is what I’m looking for - the collaboration was just perfect!

"Every time I have a new project, I call ASI and they deliver all the cool products that really define a space and that you can build the palette around."

Dima Daimi, Lead Designer, dPOP