Poindexter Systems Lobby

New York, NY

Ira Frazin Architect

Featuring Bamboo Flooring – Palmwood Plank — Prefinished Natural FLSFP001

"Poindexter Systems, an exploding online marketing technology firm, needed a new office that would build client confidence while conveying the creative energy of their young company. Wrapping the elevator bank in prefinished Palmwood plank, we created a wood box to promote the impression of solidity for a firm in the volatile internet arena. The box sits upon a Palmwood plank floor which folds upward to create the reception desk. The richness of the material was juxtaposed against a backlit plexiglass wall/portal to the offices. The prefinished material helped us complete this project within a very short timeframe."

Ira Frazin, Principal, Ira Frazin Architect