Corporate Design Interiors

Milwaukee, WI

In-House design

Photo by Joyce Paisley

"We wanted to create a space that provided inspiration for the workplace through furniture, finishes and lighting. Our main concept was mimicking nature and bringing the outdoors in and promoting well-being in the workplace.

"The Interwoven Eco-Panels that we used in our space is on the backdrop to our reception station. It's the first element that customers see as they enter our space and its very close nearby our living moss wall, and with those two elements together, it's really emulating nature as you walk into a forest.

"The Techno Recycled Glass Surfaces that we usedr eally serves as a central point of focus in our work cafe for employees to gather to dine and to work, The material has a beautiful translucent and water-like quality, providing an instant feeling of tranquility.

"It was our goal to act as an extension of the ASI Showroom to provide a place for local architects and designers to visit to select finishes as well as see the products installed. Our 10,000 square-foot facility illustrates how we creatively integrated architectural products and furniture pieces to create dynamic working environments that are engaging and inspirational to those working within them."

Jen Kilp, Director of Design, Corporate Design Interiors