The Vitamin Shoppe®

New Jersey

In-House Design

“Vitamin Shoppe is currently going through a brand reinvention, and it was vital that the new physical stores to represent that rebranding by incorporating a warmer, more welcoming design feel. Additionally, we needed materials that would stand the test of time in a commercial environment.

We are very pleased with the way ASI’s flooring has performed in our new retail spaces. The Eco-Tech® Resilient Floating Floor juxtaposed to the ASI Concrete Vinyl Collection provided the inviting aesthetic we desired.

It was great working with the ASI Team because they have such command of design trends, so it makes the decision process extremely easy for me. I have worked with ASI for many years, and they are always great to collaborate with as they help me come up with design solutions.”

Leo Clavel, Senior Director - Store Design, Construction and Corporate Facilities, Vitamin Shoppe 

Leo Clavel