Belk Men's Shirt Bar

Rock Hill, SC

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

As Belk continues to reinvent the department store experience, Little developed a new Men's Furnishings shop inspired by masculine, warm, and rich patina finishes commonly found in the South.

SWICK® Natural Wall Coverings provide a simulated look of poured concrete on the featured Shirt Bar and adjacent nesting tables. This lightweight cementitious product solution reduces the overall fixture weight, allowing for flexibility in floor changes while providing a unique textural and sensory experience for Belk's customers.

ASI provides new and interesting material samples that inspires us to create unique designs. Application techniques for the SWICK® Natural Wall Coverings caught our attention with its potential to be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. The collaboration between Little, ASI, and the fabricator was seamless.


Daniel Montaño Leon
Partner | Design Principal
Brand Experience Studio Little