49ers Team Store, Westfield Center/Levi's Stadium

San Francisco, CA

Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.

"Initially, the design concept hinged around a series of fasted red planes that tie in with the 49ers' primary brand color, and while that was terrific, what we wanted to bring another element in that was unique. We wanted to bring a warmer, kind of California feel into it, so we started working with ASI in identifying wood floor material that would be both time-wise available and budget-wise, be cost-efficient. We initially looked at the Eco-Tech® vinyl product, but then went to an engineered wood floor. So the collaborative process with ASI was just fantastic in the way they understood what we wanted, they brought the products to the table and gave us enough opportunity to evaluate and choose the right product for the store. In the end, we have a very happy client, the budget was met, the order was early, and we have a great installation."

Joseph P. Nevin, Jr., Principal, Bergmeyer Associates, Inc.