The Allen House - 71st Street

New York, NY

Studio V Architecture

Featuring: ASI Hardwood Flooring  - Custom

The Design Vision for the Bespoke Rental Building on the Upper East Side
"The existing building has a unique character that informed the design process from the very beginning and necessitated a more classical approach to detailing than our more typical modern projects. We sought to showcase the existing prewar proportions and details of the building when upgrading the units."

The Decision to Specify Custom Hardwood Flooring
"The Studio wanted the floor to reference the type of flooring that was common during the period of the building’s construction. We turned to Architectural Systems to develop a custom chevron oak hardwood flooring in a very light color, which ASI worked on very diligently, enabling us to meet our design goals! The traditional pattern dramatically changed the scale giving it a more modern feel. The coloration further expressed the look of today, while the preservation of the wood grain referenced a bygone era."

Creativity and CollaborationSM on This Project
"We’ve always been impressed with the dedication and patience that ASI has when working with our office. Studio V often seeks custom finishes that are special and push the boundaries of what is possible. ASI stands out in its ability to collaborate with our design team successfully.”