Soo Line City Apartments

Minneapolis, MN

BKV Groups

"The Soo Line Building was originally built for the First National Bank of Minneapolis, and was the tallest commercial building in the City when it was completed in 1915. In later years, the structure served as headquarters for the Soo Line Railroad. Soo Line Building City Apartments now represents the best in lifestyle living. By transforming a historic building into a mixed use luxury rental community, restoring existing architecture and preserving features and materials – that combination of new and existing materials creates a truly unique residential experience.

"The Soo Line Building City Apartments caters to its residents by providing amenities that may be enjoyed both day and night. The main building lobby maintains traditional elements that support the historic quality of the building while providing a modern twist on design. Resin feature stairs, large scale graphic pattern terrazzo flooring, two story drapery and dimensional wall paneling all create a formal yet modern experience.

"The rooftop offers residents additional amenities including an outdoor SkyDeck, indoor/outdoor pool and an indoor SkyClub. The SkyClub is a social hub for residents and has a distinctly different feel than the formal lobby. This room was intentionally designed to provide residents with an upscale but informal space that they could utilize for social gatherings or as a place to lounge during the day. Elements such as gloss white half log paneling, wood plank flooring, and reclaimed Fusion Wood panels provide a rich, warm and welcoming feeling to the space.

"We felt the Fusion Wood Panels really added to the room and we knew this product would provide the feature element behind our bar that supported the desired atmosphere. We have seen many residents approach the wall to touch and feel it wondering if these are individual pieces of wood that have been installed due to the textural quality of this product. ASI was very easy to work with and was responsive to our technical questions. This is a product that we are excited to utilize in our future projects."

Kelly Naylor, CID, IIDA, LEED AP l Partner l BKV Group