Mitoushi Restaurant

Brooklyn, NY

Lo Chen Design

"Mitoushi, a Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn, was originally designed  incorporating carved wood panels from the Sculptured Collection, which became a signature material in the space. The installation was relatively simple and the ease of maintenance makes it a go-to product for  hospitality environments.

The recent renovation and expansion which doubled in size, called for new fresh materials that would compliment the existing  areas in the restaurant. For the feature wall at the bar, we chose Ornamental Surfaces, a pattern. The snakeskin effect of the material is dramatic and eco-friendly!

I love working with Architectural Systems! They are one of my favorite must-go destinations, as they have a large variety of products for me to choose from, which are always exciting, refreshing and high quality. ASI is very helpful when it comes to design, budget and on-time delivery regardless of the size of the project!"

Lo Chen, Principal, Lo Chen Design