Mama Lion

Los Angeles, CA

Kelly Architects

“We sought to create an avant-garde dining renaissance, a modern supper club feel, that pays homage to the prestigious elements of the Golden Age of Hollywood."

"By utilizing the raw industrial space and combining them with glitzy and innovative materials a unique luxurious dining area was created. Existing steel columns drove the layout of the bar, and custom ASI Custom Wood Panels - Bamboo were chosen to highlight this focal area reflecting light and drawing the eye to the bar. “These panels were pivotal in achieving a balance of glamour with the juxtaposition of the existing brick walls.

The collaboration with ASI was superb throughout the entire process, from discussing the vision to explaining the desired custom finish on the feature wall with the artist, and finally communicating with the contractors, ensuring the ease of installing of the material.” 


Carnie Armenian, Designer, Kelly Architects