JW Marriott Second Home Restaurant

Denver, CO

Andre Kikoski Architect

Photo by Eric Laignel Photography

Featuring Butternut Glass — Natural, Standard — SPVWW004

"With unembellished dry-stack stone walls and rough-hewn wood plank ceilings, Second Home’s architecture showcases the organic textures of the Rocky Mountains. Yet bold design elements within these bounds such as 50’s Italian chandeliers, graffiti-covered Danish chairs, turn-of-the-century Viennese Secessionist banquettes, cowhide-upholstered walls and a hearty dose of shearling furniture keep things light-hearted and sexy at this wildly popular venue.

We wanted to find a way to divide the space, and the beautiful translucency of the Butternut Glass material we chose from Architectural Systems provided the kind of bold and unique design element we were looking for. ASI’s continued commitment to providing the newest and most inspiring materials allowed us to achieve the perfect marriage of idea and material and we never waivered from our selection." 

Brian Lewis, Senior Associate, LEED AP, Andre Kikoski Architect