Hotel 50 Bowery

New York, NY

Wimberly Interiors

"The concept for the guestrooms at Hotel 50 Bowery is really an homage to the neighborhood itself, it is a study on blending customs. The room follows the harmonic philosophy of Feng Shui through the successful mixture of the elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Paired with the soothing color palette and natural finishes , guests cannot help but feel completely at home and relaxed.

A custom colored Hardwood Flooring throughout the guestrooms and a Natural Stacked Stone installed in the guest room showers added a soft richness and texture which created a clean backdrop, complementing the room’s melding of saturated Asian colors and urban clean lines.

ASI’s products always give us such peace of mind that our design intent will not be sacrificed by constructability. The technical aspect of the flooring combined with the visual aesthetic made the whole process so much easier, the ASI team also worked closely with us during construction to answer any questions and work through quality control."

Margarita Velez-Mantovani
Project Manager + Associate
Wimberly Interiors