The Grand Nursing Home

Rome, NY

Avi Kahn Design

“When approached to design the renovation of the rehabilitation wing of The Grand Street Nursing home, it was important to create a soothing environment conducive to recovery.

The dimensional Interwoven Eco – Panels , a natural wood material, brought in a sense of nature and the calming aesthetic  I wanted to achieve for the feature wall. Additionally, the wood panels infused a hospitality element that incorporated the organic luxe feel in a functional working healthcare setting.

I have seen Architectural Systems in many trade publications over the years and had the pleasure to visit the ASI Booth at BDNY where I could touch the materials and talk to the team. Everyone was extremely helpful in answering all my questions, specifically about the criteria for products in the assisted living arena. ASI provided me with various samples which assisted in my material choice  and continue to provide me with inspiration for future projects.”

Avi Kahn, Owner, Avi Kahn Designs