South Jersey Skincare & Laser Center

Mt. Laurel, NJ

DJS Interiors

Photo by John Greim

"The intent was to create calming, unique and comfortable patient waiting and examination rooms with highly-functional work areas. We designed all departments to transition smartly and smoothly one to the other.

"The true highlight of the space for both staff and patients are the Sculptured™ panels ASI provided, which line one side of the hallway connecting cosmetics to dermatology. Even the millworkers noted that they loved working with ASI materials!

"Using ASI’s quilted Ornamental Surfaces, we were able to “soften” the hardness typical to reception desks and product shelves, while, at the same time, exhibit beautiful texture and absorb some of the foot traffic noise.

"The variety and options offered by ASI, as well as seeing how the product is used on the website, made it an easy “yes” for the client. All of the ASI products are performing beautifully!"

Donna Schratwieser, Principal, DJS Interiors