• K+BB - October 2008

    “Worldly Wood” is how K+BB describes our European Hardwood Collection in the October product round up.

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  • Multi-Housing News - April 2008

    Nancy Jackson, president of Architectural Systems, Inc., New York, is a strong advocate for the use of sustainable materials. “Materials and resources are one of the five components of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system,” Jackson points out. A distributor of architectural materials, Architectural Systems’showroom features a wide variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly products such as the Lunalite™ Collection, organic surfaces with PETG recycled acrylic, Crystallized Glass Stone Collection tiles and slabs, and a lightweight concrete for wall applications and can be molded or formed for use as countertops and display elements. Even though more and more people are interested in eco-friendly design, Jackson continues, “sometimes people don’t necessarily select materials because they’re green but because esthetically they meet the design intent of the project.”

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  • Canadian Kitchen and Bath - March 2008

    In an informative article on countertop materials, “In Counters” detailed the “extras” that many customers are now looking for; things like color, texture, pattern, and greater customization. Our Fusionstone™ was featured front and center for its ability to create a customized look.

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