XtraMDF ASI Sustainable Product

Design sensibility and functionality coexist brilliantly in the five groupings in the new XtraMDF Panels. XtraRust, XtraMatte and XtraConcrete feature a protective scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint UV-Resistant finish and a durable MDF core balanced on both sides for an industrial expression in either horizontal or vertical use. Providing an organic aesthetic, XtraStone and XtraCement are made of natural stone veneers adhered to an MDF or Concrete core. All XtraMDF Panels can be cut to size, mitered and milled, applications include tabletops, doors, architectural millwork plus feature walls in any contract setting.







Size: 48” x 110” nominal; XtraStone: 48” x 96” nominal; XtraCement: 48” x 110”

Thickness: .75” ; XtraStone and XtraCement: 16mm, 18mm and 19mm

50 Panel Minimum

Finish: XtraMatte: Matte, Scratch-Resistant and Anti-Fingerprint Coating; Abrasion and Water- Resistant; XtraConcrete: Textured Varnish - Scratch-Resistant ; XtraRust: UV Varnish or Super Matte ; XtraStone: Sealed

Construction: MDF Core, Balanced on Both Sides; XtraStone: .6 mm Real Stone Veneer, MDF Core, Balanced on Both Sides; XtraCement: Cement Core

  • Panels can be cut to size and edges can be mitered
  • Applications: Tabletops, Furniture, Walls, Millwork and Visual Display and Merchandising
  • Customizable: Size, Thickness, Color, Texture, Alternate cores, including FSC® Certified wood and concrete, Edge Banding