Vy-CLAD® Sculptured Panels ASI Sustainable Product

Vy-CLAD® Sculptured Panels are a collection of high-performance, thermoplastic foils that create a dynamic enhancement to the Sculptured Collection. They are available in a wide range of patterns, including wood grains, metallics, textures and solid colors in either gloss and matte finishes to provide a solution-based product for the most demanding contract projects.

Vy-CLAD® Sculptured Panels are available in each of the 10 Primed MDF Sculptured Collection panels - please contact sales@archsystems.com for SKU information.

Vy-CLAD™ Sculptured Panels

  • Beachwood (Matte)

    . Beachwood (Matte)

  • Boardwalk (Matte)

    . Boardwalk (Matte)

  • Umber - Crosswood (Matte)

    . Umber - Crosswood (Matte)

  • Umber (Matte)

    . Umber (Matte)

  • Ash White (Matte)

    . Ash White (Matte)

  • Snow White (Matte)

    . Snow White (Matte)

  • Linear Ash (Matte)

    . Linear Ash (Matte)

  • Merapi-Ho (Gloss)

    . Merapi-Ho (Gloss)

  • Weathered Pine (Gloss)

    . Weathered Pine (Gloss)

  • Black (High Gloss)

    . Black (High Gloss)

  • Bright Red (Gloss)

    . Bright Red (Gloss)

  • Brushed Steel (Gloss)

    . Brushed Steel (Gloss)

  • Chocolate Pear (Gloss)

    . Chocolate Pear (Gloss)

  • Linear Graphite (Gloss)

    . Linear Graphite (Gloss)

  • Black (Gloss)

    . Black (Gloss)

All Vy-CLAD® Sculptured Panels are available on the following standard Sculptured Collection MDF Patterns:


  • Size: 48" x 96"
  • Thickness: 3/4" nominal
  • Custom pattern options available, minimums will apply. Contact sales@archsystems.com
  • Finish: Matte or Gloss (as noted)
  • Specify a Sculptured Collection pattern for a SKU# to be provided with color choice. Contact sales@archsystems.com.
  • Construction: MDF substrate
  • Class A Fire Rated with MDF Panel available upon request
  • Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material

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