Composition Cork - Metallic Bricks ASI Sustainable Product

The elevated feel of Composition Cork - Metallic Bricks features a time honored layered look infused with vibrant metallic pigments for a fresh take on traditional sound absorbing precision cut bricks. Available in preselected sizes and thicknesses for an authentic modern material. 

Composition Cork - Metallic Bricks

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SIZE: Bricks: 3.94" x 7.97" and 3.94" x 3.94"
THICKNESS: Ranges from .3" x .4"
FINISH: Prefinished
INSTALLATION: Secure to vertical surface with construction adhesive
CONSTRUCTION: Solid Granulated Cork
PACKAGING: Each box contains 66 Bricks (33 of each size)
• Sound Absorbing
• Low VOC Emissions
• Can contribute to LEED®
• Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material