Chizel™ Wood Panels

Echoing the look of heritage handcraftsmanship with a modern balance, the exceptional looking Chizel Wood Panels showcase an articulated level of detail in nine standard bespoke patterns, each with a high variation in texture.

Crafted from Solid Ash, these thermo treated wood panels mounted on a Plywood substrate, heightening the natural beauty inherent in this new wall surfacing collection

Chizel Wood Panels


Size: 47.24 “X 94.88 “(1200 mm X 2400 mm)

Thickness: 5/8” (15 mm) overall at peak

Finish: Fumed

Species: Ash

Construction: 5mm solid ash wood on 10 mm plywood substrate

Application: Walls, Architectural millwork, Furniture & Fixture components

Installation: Z – Clip