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Q: Do Cast Stone Dimensional Panels provide a continuous pattern?

A: Yes, Cast Stone Dimensional Panels come with a mesh backing, and are constructed in such a way that the ends are staggered which provides a seamless look when installing.

Q: How do I cut Cast Stone Dimensional Panels?

A: Cast Stone Dimensional Panels are made of recycled quarry stone and can be cut with a wet tile saw, and are typically installed by a Tile Contractor.

Q: What are the materials that go into the manufacturing of Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces?

A: Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces is made from 99% recycled glass, which is heated and agglomerated under high pressure.

Q: What are some of the applications of Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces?

A: Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces can be used as Vanity Tops, Furniture Tops, Bar Tops + Bar Dies, Kitchen Counters, Restaurant Tables, Store Fixturing, Merchandising Displays, Wall Panels and other surfaces that are only limited by your imagination.

Q: Does ASI offer fabrication of Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces to clients sizes and specifications?

A: Yes, ASI can deliver cut to size fabricated tops including specified build-ups and cut-outs. Simply furnish us with your drawings and we will provide you with a quotation.

Q: What are the sizes of the Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces slabs?

A: Standard Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces slabs are nominally 55” x 118” x 2cm (¾”). Slab sizes of 47 ¼” x 94 ½”, and slab thicknesses of 3cm (1 3/16”) are available upon special order -  minimum quantities apply.

Q: Are Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces translucent, and can they be backlit?

A: Yes, Techno® Recycled Glass Surfaces  are translucent, and when backlit provide a subtle diffused light source. This can be achieved either with either fluorescent or LED lighting. During the design process it is important to provide access to the light source for servicing requirments.

Q: What is the process for customizing ASI Specialty Products?

A: ASI’s experienced product specialists are available to assist you with any custom materials your project may require, including glass, stone, metal and ceramic. If your design needs special attention, we invite you to provide ASI with your conceptual drawings and discuss with us your specific project requirements. In return, one of our Material Experts will work with you and provide technical expertise, value engineering (if necessary) and offer practical solutions to facilitate the completion of your project – on time and in budget! Contact ASI and let us partner with you in bringing your project to realization.

Q: What materials are mesh-backed mosaics available in?

A: ASI has several different materials that are mesh-backed. Recycled quarried stone mesh-backed tiles can be found in our Cast Stone Dimensional Panels. Metals such as stainless steel and brushed aluminum are featured in Dimensional Metallics. Lastly, mesh-backed glass tiles are presented in our Glass Mosaic Collection. All of these provide ease of installation, a monolithic look or accents to make your design pop!

Q: What does “recycled content” mean when establishing points contributing to LEED®, and which ASI Specialty Products collections contain recycled content?

A: Recycled Content can be post-consumer or pre-consumer. Post-consumer is a material or product used by the consumer for its original purpose and then discarded, i.e. newspaper; whereas pre-consumer comes from manufacturing waste or industrial by-products. Products can contribute to LEED® MR Credit 4.1 or 4.2: Recycled Content when the recycled materials equal 10% or 20% of the cost of all materials used in the project.

In ASI Specialty Products, Tin Ceiling tiles are made from at least 60% recycled steel. ASI Agglomerate Stone Collection – Slabs contain varying percentages of recycled materials such as marble and glass, while Cast Stone Dimensional Panels are made from 90% recycled quarried stone,.