Liquid Concrete Porcelain ASI Sustainable Product

Complementing the collections of ASI Eco-Porcelain, Liquid Concrete Porcelain mimics the true look of wet, poured concrete in a contemporary palette of grey neutrals in tiles and planks, and three finishes - smooth, natural and textured. Porcelain planks with graffiti-style print can be incorporated for an added artistic edge in this durable and high performing product collection.



Graffiti - set of three patterns

Liquid Concrete Porcelain

Photo featuring FLCME231


  • Size:
    Tiles: 24" x 24" standard, 24" x 48" nominal
    Planks and Graffiti: 8" x 48" nominal
  • Thickness: 3/8" nominal
  • Finish:
    Tiles: Smooth, Natural, Textured
    Planks: Smooth only
    Graffiti: Natural only
    Click on individual product for skus for additional sizes and finishes
  • Graffiti: Box of three includes one of each pattern shown
  • COF: Dry = >.76; Wet = >.66
  • Can contribute to LEED®
  • Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material

Press Featuring Liquid Concrete Porcelain