Color Theory® ASI Sustainable Product

A bold and bright kaleidoscope of ceramics define the Color Theory® wall tile collection. In 4" x 12" sizing, a gloss finish and an assortment of muted and statement shades that can be mixed and matched for graphic interest, allowing you to crack the color code for any dynamic design.

Color Theory

  • DSSRI009

    White DSSRI009

  • DSSRI016

    Cream DSSRI016

  • DSSRI017

    Melon DSSRI017

  • DSSRI011

    Chartreuse DSSRI011

  • DSSRI014

    Aqua DSSRI014

  • DSSRI010

    Turquoise DSSRI010

  • DSSRI012

    Salmon DSSRI012

  • DSSRI015

    Rose DSSRI015

  • DSSRI020

    Wine DSSRI020

  • DSSRI013

    Taupe DSSRI013

  • DSSRI019

    Grey DSSRI019

  • DSSRI018

    Black DSSRI018


SIZE: 4" x 12" nominal
APPLICATION: Recommended for Vertical Application only
• Can contribute to LEED®
• Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material

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