Quarto® Stone Veneers ASI Sustainable Product

Quarto® Stone Veneers incorporate proprietary technology to form natural slate and quartzite stone into thin layers with a fiberglass back in a translucent or opaque construction. This innovative, eco-friendly, lightweight and waterproof surfacing material comes in two sizes and can illuminate any new or refreshed space, interior or exterior.

Opaque FRP

Translucent FRP


  • Size:
    24" x 48", 48" x 96" nominal; SKUs listed are for 24" x 48"; Click on individual product for SKUs for additional sizes
  • Thickness:
     .0033"- .0065" nominal
  • Construction:
    Stone Veneer over Fiberglass in Polyester Resin (FRP) backing
  • Backing:
    Opaque FRP or Translucent FRP
  • Finish:
  • Application:
    Recommended for Vertical Application only, Walls, Store Fixtures, Columns, Furniture, Backsplash, Interior and Exterior use
  • Can contribute to LEED®
  • 10 Sheet minimum
  • Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material

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