Metro Tile Collection - Jubilee ASI Sustainable Product

Jubilee are diamond shaped tiles adding a touch of glamour to any design concept, allowing for creativity with either set diamond patterns punctuated with metallic and matte Accent Dots, or mix and matched with standard size tiles from any series of the Metro Tile Collection. With tile surface choices in beveled, flat and pillow, the diamond shapes in ceramic or chrome looks make a bold statement!

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Accent Dots - Spheres

  • DSADF251

    White DSADF251

  • DSADF253

    Bone DSADF253

  • DSADF256

    Red DSADF256

  • DSADF258

    Black DSADF258

  • DSADF260

    Silver DSADF260

  • DSADF262

    Gold DSADF262

Accent Dots - Flat

  • DSADF250

    White DSADF250

  • DSADF252

    Bone DSADF252

  • DSADF249

    Metal* DSADF249

  • DSADF257

    Black DSADF257

  • DSADF259

    Silver DSADF259

  • DSADF261

    Gold DSADF261

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Featured Project

Caché, Las Vegas, NV Kramer Design Group



  • Tiles
    8” x 4”, 4" x 4"; Chrome available in 8" x 4" only


    Flat, Pillow; Beveled special order only
    (4" x 4" and Chrome tiles available in Pillow only)

    White, Bone;
    *Chrome (special order)

    Solid glaze gloss standard;
    Chrome: Textured only
  • Accent Dots
    3/4” x 3/4”

    Flat and Sphere

    Blue, Celery, Black, Silver, Bone, Gold, White, Red (Sphere only)
    *Metal (Flat only; special order). Custom color capabilities; minimums may apply
  • Can contribute to LEED®
  • Select samples are available for Metro Tile Collection. Please contact for specific project requirements.
  • Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material

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