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In the week of Sept 11, we take a moment to reflect on the lives lost and the heroes of the day, honoring and remembering their memory.

Fast forward 17 years later, the world has experienced too many random terrorist attacks and became a change agent in how people connect, shop and live.


Traveling anywhere today requires extra security and longer time in airports creates opportunities to dine and what else, shop?

Retail esplanades with outstanding eateries are the norm for airport terminals and design awards have even included this category.

Been to Singapore Changi International Airport Terminal 3 or Jet Blue Terminal 5@ Kennedy Airport recently?  The experience is almost uplifting!

   Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3                                       JFK Airport JetBlue Terminal 5 


Flexible hours, co-working spaces, hobby jobs, life /work balance and now FIRED (Financial Independence, Early Retirement) yes, it’s a thing.

The traditional office environment where hard-working, long-term employees show up daily is a rare phenomenon.

Office design today incorporates the “third space” where people can meet up and collaborate in either social areas or in privacy pods where they can escape the open pit for needed privacy.

                                  The Wing                                                                              HealthRise Solutions


Involving the large community of design experts every project completed connects with users in some way.  

The emotion a person feels when interacting with a design results in a corresponding feeling and determines the impact of that space.

Which brings me to the World Trade Center Memorial, a place of hope and Never Forget.

Posted at 9/14/2018 7:55 AM

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