A Better Built Environment

Biophilic Design and decreasing the environmental impact of buildings is the focus of this month's blog post.

Pushing beyond green, we see the A&D Community is reconnecting design with the natural world and reducing carbon footprint.

Biophilic Design

ASI had the opportunity to attend the Retail Design Institute’s Biophilic Design event at the award-winning 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, which has quickly become a top travel destination and local attraction, for its commitment to connecting guests to nature. 

Each panelist discussed their collaboration to fulfill the biophilic design vision:

Waad El Hadidy, Design Director, Starwood Capital

  • As the hotel developer, Starwood stated it was paramount to focus on environmental and social responsibility for the ethos of the 1 Hotel Brand.

Damien Harrison, Principal, Harrison Green 

  • This firm was chosen because of their expertise in curating and integrating exterior environments and spoke about the challenges of incorporating living elements throughout this exciting hotel property location. 

Tyler Kleck, Senior Associate, Inc. Architecture & Design

  • Shed light on the day – to – day and overall obstacles, and as the project's architect,  bringing such an ambitious project to life, he shared with the audience that integrating nature and so many natural materials from a design perspective was fascinating to see implemented. 

The success of this project was destined!

They all agreed early on the real inspiration beyond the project was marrying Biophilic Design and capturing the essence of Brooklyn. The fact the hotel is literally located within Brooklyn Bridge Park became the catalyst and blueprint for “using native greenery and reclaimed materials” within the core of design. Hurricane Sandy also became an unexpected inspiration for the design of the hotel. Midway through construction, when Hurricane Sandy devastated the NY/NJ area the designers decided to honor those lives affected by the disaster and integrated materials from the wreckage caused by the hurricane.

Amazing Rooftop View at the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge


Better By Design

In June, ASI will be exhibiting at AIA Conference on Architecture (A'18) at the Jacob Javitz Center. This year the theme is Blueprint for Better Cities. The focus is to think critically about health and resilience, about taking care of each other and the environment, all through the lens of what we build—and what we don’t.

Every material has an impact. Knowing what’s in them, and their life expectancy has a vital role in the Blueprint for Better Cities.

Architectural Systems has always been at the forefront of providing sustainable materials.

In February, ASI launched new sustainable groupings to the Composition Cork collection, providing more informed choices for natural wall surfacing materials. ASI also expanded the Wood Grain Cork Vinyl and Cork Flooring collections.

         Composition Cork - Shapes                       Composition Cork - Metallic Bricks

     Composition Cork - Organik Panels                        Wood Grain Cork Vinyl

More about Cork: The products are produced from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. Strips are carefully removed from the tree-trunk by hand, without causing any damage to the tree. The material is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable! 

     Composition Cork - Natural Bricks               Composition Cork - Natural Bricks

Don’t miss it! Join us at A'18, June 21–23, 2018 in Booth # 3115, and experience new sustainable products from ASI!

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