Best of BDNY 2017

It's all about experiential hospitality design! Coming off of an exciting BDNY 2017 Show, here's a recap of the fresh materials for wall surfaces, flooring, and more that we had on display in the ASI Booth ideal for all areas of a hotel: public spaces , salon/spa, casino, restaurant, bar/nightlife. PLUS - The industry buzz from events to trend forecasting!

Architectural Systems Launched New Collections in A New Booth Layout! 

ICYMI: archsystems.com/BDNY17

Let's Talk Trends

The lively NEWH Sponsored “Women Leaders in Hospitality” and the "Hospitality MegaTrends" panels gave us industry insight, here is everything you may want to know:

1. Biophilic design - The practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities 

The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall in West England demonstrates many biophilic features as a means to create a greater sense of health and well being...Located on a fantastic cliff top location, which allows views out over the landscape from the comfort of the hotel with large glass windows and doors where the outdoor natural reed pool can be seen, as well as the beach and the sea beyond it. The use of glass also allows natural light to enter the interior spaces which increases the guest’s a exposure to nature. There is a strong presence of water in and around the hotel; the indoor pool with sea views allows swimmers to bath in natural light and enjoy the coastal landscape, while the outdoor hot tub and pool overlooking the sea encourage a range of invigorating sensory interactions with the elements.

2. Trend Brand Disruptors

Taking Global Retail Brands to the Hospitality Industry 

Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion house, founded in 1925, has a philosophy that combines innovation, tradition, artisanship and luxury. The hotel suites reflect the Italian brand aesthetic of blending different eras and styles—while providing the highest standards of luxury. Their design concept was guided by the classic Fendi look of strong contrasts and surprising juxtapositions, history, imagination and art.

Equinox - An upscale fitness brand expands its high-end wellness offering to Luxury Hotels. The first location, slated to open in 2019 in  Manhattan's Hudson Yards district, Equinox Hotels will cater exclusively to the high-performance traveler to serve as the ultimate destination for a 360-degree lifestyle experience. 

3. Designing to Reach the 'UnReachables" aka Millennials 

Quicksilver, the popular retail brand that appeals to millennials through the surfer lifestyle has been tapped to license it's name for a new hospitality concept, Quiksilver Hotels and Resorts. With everything from social spaces, action sports, farm to table restaurants and a retail concept, the properties have a checklist of amenities and features to attract brand loyal millennials.

4. Wellness trend: Ambient wellness

Believe It or Not - The majority of travelers do not want to workout; however, designers are still challenged to embed wellness and well-being into physical things, such as natural light penetration, air purifier and sustainable finishes to create a spa-like sensibility into the guestrooms.

The MGM In Las Vegas now offers Stay Well™ rooms created from the belief that hotels should provide environments that positively impact well being for the traveler. Developed by Delos, The Cleveland Clinic, and Deepak Chopra, wellness is infused into  hotel rooms to provide guests with better rest, air lighting and more!

5. Designing for 1

OpenTable reported a 60% increase in single bookings. People are getting more comfortable eating alone, especially when they have their smartphones. Communal tables, larger bar areas and bench like seating, allow people to dine alone without feeling like they are occupying a table made for two and more enticing for people to come in and dine by themselves.

#ASIOutAndAbout Celebrating all things hospitality

On Sunday Night, ASI's Materialista Gabrielle Jackson O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Amanda Zapp and Sarah McGrath attended NEWH Product Ruway, where ASI Collaborated with TPG Architecture to design masks with #ASIMaterials. On Monday Night, Andrew and Rachel Cooper attended the Gold Key Awards with design legends Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook founding Principals Of II by IV Design in Toronto. On Tuesday night, Nancy and Ron Jackson attended the Platinum Awards (Photo Op with one of our Fav Talented Designers, Jennifer Mehra of Wyndham Worldwide!) 

Next up Retail Design Collective! On December 7th at 11:30, ASI is hosting a Virtual Reality in Retail Discussion, with presentations by Verizon, Vera Bradley, Chipman Design Architectural, and Bergmeyer! This must see event is almost sold out, be sure to get your ticket and visit the showroom during market week!

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