2017: The Year of Mindfulness

A current buzz word popping up, but not to be mistaken as the latest fad, is the art of mindfulness. Although it's been practiced for centuries, today, more so than ever, people are focusing on how to achieve health and happiness. What does this mean for Interior Design? I’ve captured some trends we are seeing and also share transformational products that offer Inspiration and well being.

1. Creating modern yet minimalistic work places that allow employees to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable

Quicken Loans Call Center, Cleveland, OH

It's easiest to be productive and collaborative when your mind and body are at ease. Corporate spaces such as Quicken Loans, are capitalizing on this notion, introducing inspiring work places that emphasize an airy and open-concept.  Finishing details that include hardwoods and materials that simulate natural woods make an office environment feel warm, approachable and less formal.

2. Hospitality design for mind, body and spirit

Even Hotel Times Square South, New York, NY

In this new lifestyle concept by IHG, amenities such as yoga mats and curated workout equipment are standard features in all the guest rooms throughout the Even Hotel; bright and colorfully decorated, imparting a high-energy respite yet comfortable ambiance for rejuvination. The property's restaurant fare is health-centric so guests can eat mindfully while on the road. There are free filtered water stations available, too! The Even stay focuses on helping guests maintain their personal wellness lifestyle while traveling.

3. Drive authenticity through sensory experiences

Take your inside out and outside in with natural materials. Achieve balance with the serene, spa-like effect Natural Stone quarried from the earth provides. The muted color palette and movement of the stone create a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness.

      ASI Natural Stone                 Interwoven Eco-Panels                      Cork Flooring 

The sustainable Interwoven Eco-Panels and rapidly renewable Cork Flooring products are great examples of materials with organic textures and subtle variations in color that can also contribute to a centered and revitalized sense of place.

4. Meditation Centers


Research proves that mindful meditation increases creativity, productivity and decreases stress. Centers for mindfulness are opening in major US cities. Just around the block from the ASI Showroom is Inscape, a studio that holds classes for meditation. Renowned architect Winka Dubbeldam designed a center to offer a multi-sensory experience, a physical oasis away from the outside world.


The design vision was to make an immersive environment of light, sound and air, enabling all of the senses. Comprising of two rooms - one, a majestic dome for seated meditation with soothing, colored lighting reflecting off the hardwood floors, and a second room, with an impactful display of rope installed from the floor to the ceiling, the acoustics create sound baths for horizontal meditation.

Wishing everyone the best on your spiritual journey to mindfulness and holistic design. Share your creativity with us, email materialista@archsystems.com with your wellness design ideas! Namaste! 

Posted at 2/24/2017 10:41 AM


Materialista 3/1/17 @ 10:25AM

Thanks Tom, and good luck on the AP exam!

Tom Stack 3/1/17 @ 10:10AM

I love this. Your team is really on top of things. I am currently studying for the WELL AP exam in order to incorporate wellness into our designs and workplaces. Tom

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