Data Driven Corporate Design

ASI's Materialista® Gabrielle Jackson-O'Connor, VP of Communications Amanda Zapp, Sr. Sales Exec. Sarah McGrath and Web Developer Will Smith attend the IIDA NY Facilities Forum where the panel discussion focused on how data drives workplace design. (Pictured with Suzette Subance Ferrier, Creative Director of TPG Architecture) 

Technology gathered is used to improve workflow and employee well-being. Making sure there's easy to use "bots" to reserve conference rooms and answer the most frequently asked questions.  (Conclusive data reveals the most asked questions is "what's for lunch.")

Other data shows that taking steps to improve overall well-being in the workplace has a direct correlation to improved efficiency and effectiveness. This includes offering fresh fruit, yoga classes, and comfortable meeting rooms. 

As the panel and Creative Director at WeWork stated, "Why should your office be less comfortable than your home?"

At WeWork, the concept of creating comfort started with designing phone booths for personal calls, but they quickly morphed into areas where employees would "camp-out" to get work done. When WeWork analyzed the data to see the amount of time spent in these booths, they made the informed decision to make them larger "think pods." Materials and acoustics are key consideration factors. It's evolved from a place to take a call to a real thought out designed space. Every season WeWork rolls out new designs with bespoke materials to keep it fresh.

- WeWork  #mantra 

dPOP! in Detroit collaborated with ASI on a similar concept for Healthrise Solutions.  As we learned during the panel discussion,  meeting rooms are prime real estate. As a result, a key design feature for Heathrise was the "Meet Cubes" with a unique custom undulating wood structure supplied by ASI,  to host formal and informal meetings.

WeWork, R/GA Digital Agency and EYP Architecture discuss bringing technology into the workplace for more interactive engagement. 

ASI’s Amanda Zapp, Nancy Jackson, President and Shelly Ave, ASI Account Executive, Chicago at Haworth Showroom on the Bluescape technology screen during NeoCon (2016).

What's Next? Integrating Amazon Alexa to reserve conference rooms happening soon! 

Members of IIDA Hospitality forum from Left to Right: Dylan Kruse, Elle Sears, Co-Chairs ASI’s Gabrielle Jackson and Rockwell’s Barry Richards, and Amanda Zapp 

Next month, the IIDA Hospitality Forum titled,  Experiential, Immersive, Disruptive Hospitality Design, will be held at "NYC Coolest New Hotel, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday, Sept. 13th. Bring your team like we did, there's something for everyone at an IIDA Event! #ASIOutAndAbout

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