Retail Icons Share Life Lessons and Macro-Trends: Part 2

Wrapping up the blog series, we are highlighting the topics covered during the panel discussion, How Successful Leaders in Retail Balance a Branded Life.


How do they manage their time both in and out of the office? Linda Lombardi (VP Global Retail Design, Godiva), Megan Gundrum ([Formerly] Director - Store Planning, Hudson's Bay Company), Kathleen Jordan (Principal, Gensler New York), MJ Munsell (Principal, Retail Design Lead, MG2) and Cindi Kato (VP, Director of Business Development, CallisonRTKL) open up to moderator Nancy Jackson (President, Architectural Systems, Inc.) about how they balance the demands of their professional and personal lives.

With such a demanding lifestyle, downtime is a precious commodity. Hear how the power players spend their time away from the chaos to keep themselves grounded and in the air!

The group discusses who influenced and shaped their careers and offer suggestions for the next generation of retail professionals.

The rock star panel give us the current landscape in retail design, while forecasting what’s coming up next.

How do industry icons figure this tough one out? Valuable advice on doing the best you can.

Can we really have it all? Friendships can become strained without attention and some creative planning in juggling friends and work.

Corporate culture is changing for the better, but that, too, is not without its own set of challenges. The panelists open up on how they navigate a transitional workplace.

Lastly, we're highlighting the remaining three inspiring women industry leaders and bringing you some of the insightful experiences and advice they've offered us during our Retail Design Collective Panel.

Kathleen has set the bar in the industry with her talent, perseverance and dedication to her craft. Attributing her work ethic to her mother, who she remembers spending late nights working on her Masters degree while raising a big family.

Health and wellness is a big focus. Her latest project with apparel mega-giant, Adidas is placing major importance on an “empowered lifestyle”.  Retailers are trying to add value to their shopping experience by integrating the lifestyle aspect.

Megan truly represents the single working mom who juggles it all: a full workload, living far from family, kids, and their equally hectic schedules. What’s the secret? Create a support network of extended friends and neighbors.

The Panel Moderator and Uber Organizer, Mother, Grandmother and Co-Founder of Architectural Systems, Nancy Jackson shares how she manages it all!

Here is the knowledge imparted by Nancy Jackson: Empowering the group with the statement, “It’s okay to ask for help” something so simple and yet not practiced enough in the lives of emerging power players.

Retail micro trends that Nancy has been keeping tabs on are companies shifting towards an emphasis on connection to the community. One example of this is Patagonia closing their stores and headquarters this past Election Day so their employees and customers were encouraged to get out and vote on a healthy planet life over profit, prioritizing their environmental position.

Nancy ended the panel discussion by reading a poem by Layli Long Soldier.  The piece really encapsulates what it's like to be a working woman today:

“and in this dual citizenship...
I must work
I must eat
I must art
I must mother
I must friend
I must listen
I must observe
And constantly, I must live”

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