Fall Market Preview

                                                                                                      Interlock Eco-Panels - Custom

As we welcome fall, taste all things pumpkin-spiced, and embrace our favorite sweaters, I wanted to provide you with a handy list of the new and upcoming product introductions from Architectural Systems.

Bonus - With all of the industry events and conferences ASI is sponsoring and attending this month, I included some quotes from the influencers. #ASIoutandAbout

ASI Wood Panels

"Natural wood panels reflect a holistic concept in the Even Hotel."  - Glen Coben, Principal Glen and Co.

Interlock Eco-Panels - Ushering in a new collection of streamlined interlocking patterns of the uber-popular Interwoven Eco-Panels, Interlock comes in modern artistic color washes with wider scaled panels.

Want to have it all? Get the layers and textures of Interwoven with the colors of Interlock with the ease of self-adhesive application with Envision® Wood! Watch how easy they are to install!

ASI Hardwood

"A warm grey hardwood flooring really allows the product to shine in a much fresher way." - Harry Cunningham, Head of Store Development Vera Bradley

We did it - we made hardwoods COOL! This month, ASI is launching Serenity® Engineered and Solid Hardwoods collection which uniquely offers a trending grey palette with ultra-matte and metallic finishes

ASI Resilient Flooring

"Vinyl wood grain flooring has the warm tone of hardwood and compliments the cool tones in the guest rooms of The Paul Hotel." - Ronica Sharma, Developer, Sharma Group Development

ASI launched  Organic Vinyl Collection, part of ASI Resilient. This is a go-to choice for effortless function, sustainable and cost-effective luxury vinyl with a mix of textures in tile sizes and resilient wood planks with nature-inspired graining.

ASI Specialty Products

ASI will be launching a gorgeous recycled glass collection, Infused Glass Mosaics at BDNY (Boutique Design New York) from November 13-14 in ASI Booth #1263

One of my favorites from this collection is the chic Shimmer Raised Pearl that channels modern day sustainability and a global design influence which includes a beautiful color trifecta of mesh-backed sheets.

ASI has many new products to launch this fall! Interested in discovering What’s Next®?  Here’s how:

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