How Summertime Inspires Design, from our Guest Blogger

There’s something about the relaxed energy of summer, that makes me want to rejuvenate and take advantage of long weekends to enjoy the sun and sand with friends and family! I also like to hit the pavement during the work week visiting designers, especially to give a sneak preview of new products that ASI will be launching while we are all in a more laid back frame of mind, for a couple of months, that is! (ICYMI- Check out these awesome new self-adhesive wood planks - Envision® Wood!)

Recently I caught up with Laura Saltzmann, Senior Design at Joe Ginsberg Design to discuss our next great Creativity and Collaboration® project.See below the recently completed Marama Park Avenue Hotel , an award winning property that featured many ASI materials.  Laura agreed to share her summer time inspiration and creative process with us.


Materialista®: What is your favorite thing about the summer?  Where do you find inspiration?

Laura Saltzmann: For me, enjoying summer is embracing your time outside- a retreat for the senses. Sunlight, winding nature paths and beautiful illuminations that set the mood for outdoor dining at dusk are my favorite.

The inspiration for me starts with personal comfort. You have to know your style, and being confident in the look that is being achieved. It doesn't just have to be one style, but it should always have a sense of direction to feel cohesive.

Complementary colors provide continuity and flow. Furniture directions that are eclectic creates intrigue and depth. Embracing a feeling for history, object or nostalgia even in a minimal way brings interest & weight to any space. I enjoy this juxtaposition for visual balance in a public space.

M: Where is your go-to restaurant in the summertime?

L: 15 years living in Manhattan, provides many incredible dining opportunities, it's quite hard to pick just one!  But, three great restaurants in Chelsea that I frequent are Bottino - indoors or out, The Americano, and the quaint patio at Trestle on Tenth.

M: What is the most fun thing about designing for hospitality? What is the most challenging?

L: The most fun thing about designing for Hospitality would be the diversity for creativity. I believe the goals today are set a bit higher than before. People enjoy visiting destination spots, going to see featured art, unexpected design details and inventive environments that set a mood. Creating spaces for social appeal is BIG. An "instagrammable"space is something to remember while designing.

M: What is one of your favorite ASI materials and why?

L: ASI provides a wide range of original options for both hospitality, commercial and residential. Textured surfaces are quite big in the industry now and ASI has many solutions to achieve a custom look.

ASI Flooring,  which we have used on The Marmara Park Avenue was a great success (It won the Hospitality Design Award for Luxury/Upscale Hotel). The color, species & finish of the engineered wood was everything we were looking for to create the end result. They have products to fit all budgets which I feel is the best asset ASI offers.

M: Any last pieces of advice?

L: You make your own challenges. Stick to what you know, but be creative in the process.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I would love to hear how you are inspired by the season. Drop me a line with your story at materialista@archsystems.com.

Posted at 7/28/2016 8:43 AM

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