New Year, New Products: Designers Weigh in!

Happy 2016! In the spirit of New Year, NEW PRODUCTS, ASI has been busy launching WHAT'S NEXT® in interior finishes. After the first IIDA Hospitality Forum committee meeting of the year in the ASI Showroom (we are planning another fabulous event ...details to follow !) I got to catch up with fellow committee members and discuss the latest industry trends.  

Elle Sears and Dylan Kruse of the Rockwell Group and my friend Jennifer Mehra from Glen & Company shared their ideas and inspiration on the new ASI product collections that were on display. 

I’ve highlighted their responses and where they envision incorporating these materials in their current and upcoming projects!

Quarto™ Stone Veneers  A Thin Stone Veneer with Translucent and Opaque FRP backing options. This collection launch was so successful it crashed the website- Literally!

Elle Sears, Rockwell Group: " This material has nice texture and great depth. It feels like a full slab a stone."

Jennifer Mehra, Glen & Company: "This is a really cool product, I could see using it for an exterior application in New York City and in elevator vestibules."

Lucido™ Wood Grain Porcelain  A high-gloss finish for a compelling take on porcelain walls and floors. Also, an Instagram favorite!

Dylan Kruse, Rockwell Group: "It's pleasantly confusing, I love it! The product is so shiny I almost thought it was plastic, I've never seen anything like it."

Elle Sears, Rockwell Group: "It's natural yet glam. I can't wait to find the project to use this material."

Jennifer Mehra, Glen & Company: "It's playful!"

Rustik™ Wood Grain Porcelain - An evocative material with a superior natural finish.  #ICYMI - A feature on #Ihavethisthingwithfloors!

Elle Sears, Rockwell Group: "I really like the luxe dark colors in the Rustik collection. These great neutral colors are different, you don't see them everywhere" 

Dylan Kruse, Rockwell Group: "It's unexpected in a good way. I could see using this in bathrooms and even outdoors."

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