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Last month I had the privilege of being invited to the Bill Burns lecture at the Clodagh Design Center along with Account Executive John Geagan. Mr. Burns spoke about finding success and happiness and empowering yourself to find solutions and make personal changes. The evening was a reflection of the generous, life-enhancing energy Clodagh’s studio is recognized for. I aspire to model my own path after Clodagh!

Not only an award-winning designer and author, Clodagh is a citizen of the world and a philanthropist. Founder of ClodaghCares, she believes in the fundamental right of every child to receive a good education. The Thorn Tree, one of several organizations she supports, raises money through the sale of traditional Samburu bracelets. These bracelets combine beautiful design with purpose; just one bracelet can pay for a nutritionally balanced breakfast for one child every day for one whole school year. Involved in philanthropic organizations myself, I find it important to give back. And as many of you may know, I collect bracelets. How could I resist?

Architectural Systems has had a long standing commitment to nurturing future generations of design students. The ASI Showroom has always been the perfect destination for a class trip, and I am proud to say I have taken the torch from my Mom, Nancy Jackson, an advocate of sharing the "business of design." Recently, I gave internationally acclaimed designer/professor Joseph Lembo and his students from the Fashion Institute of Technology a materials tour. I spoke with them about ASI’s collaboration with designers and architects and the process from design development to a project’s completion, explaining the rewards and challenges of the industry.

Giving back to the community is important to my success and happiness. No project, client, or budget is the same and this makes every day captivating and gratifying. I love working in an industry where sharing and education is valued and creativity and collaboration occurs every day!

Tradeshow season is here! We are putting the finishing touches on our booth for GlobalShop 2015 and ASI is excited to launch 8 new innovative curated collections. Back by popular demand, the booth lounge is just the perfect place to be inspired and get creative, especially when designing for the Here and Now Shopper. We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted at 3/5/2015 7:41 AM

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