Realizing The Design Vision - Part II

Materialista® catches up with interior architect Ximena Hoyos in our continuing series of “What Inspires You “ and trend forecasts for the new year ahead. Classic Luxury and Jewel tones are strong while Pinterest is just one tool for inspiration!

M: Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

Ximena Hoyos: The number one place that I find inspiration for my projects is definitely Pinterest. I have many different boards and I use this tool on a constant basis, either for concepts or to communicate with my team and share ideas. I am a magazine junkie. I love glancing thru all the design magazines and seeing what is new, what has been built, and which are the latest and greatest products out there. I always read the newsletters that are product and design related which I receive in my inbox. Although we get so many emails on a daily basis I always end up reading something that will be helpful and useful in future projects. I am a big fan of social media and follow many different designers on Instagram and blogs to help me get inspired!

M: What are the design trends you see for 2015?

XH: I definitely see a lot of Retro styles (Classic Luxury) being a big design trend for 2015. One of the big trends is having brass back on the horizon in warmer, earthier shades (hammered, blackened, burnished) which help items have a more weathered look. This is almost like nostalgia for other times, for the classic luxury that was put aside with all the clean, minimalist trends we have seen in the past. Color also will play a big inspiration and trend in my world. I still see the jewel tones coming on strong and being toned down in spaces with different shades of gray (pun intended). These are not only strong in fabrics; I have seen quite a few porcelain tiles and materials in fabulous jewel tone colors.

Always trend spotting ourselves, ASI shares images of our product collections that showcase the design direction for 2015! (Click images to view products)

Celebrating 25 years of creativity and collaboration, as a strategic material partner, Architectural Systems works closely with designers to select finishes that realize the vision. Materialista® welcomes the opportunity to work with you on your current and upcoming projects.

Coming next: Part III - Q & A with Lisa Sternfeld, principal of LSID, Inc.!

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