Realizing the Design Vision - Part III

If you started off 2015 following the Materialista®, then you know that I’ve been asking a few of my favorite designers how they keep their creativity flowing.  Kelly Dunne, Creative Director, Kramer Design Group talked about cozy whites, color and the inspiration she finds exploring, Ximena Hoyos, Interior Architect, CetraRuddy, likes retro styles, weathered looks, and finds her inspiration through social media.  Concluding our three part series is Lisa Sternfeld, Principal of LSID, Inc. with whom ASI has enjoyed many successful collaborations.  It’s my pleasure to share Lisa’s insights and observations as we contemplate WHAT'S NEXT® for the new year!

M: Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

Lisa Sternfeld: I’m always inspired by travel. A new surrounding does wonders for perspective. I just returned from South America and was struck by the saturated colors of the buildings against the raw earthiness of the land. I can see exploring that juxtaposition in my work.

M: What are the design trends you see for 2015?

LS: Some of the design trends you’ll see this year are the use of mixed metals, smoky glass and mirror and the continued use of natural materials like stone and wood with more raw texturized finishes. I especially like the idea of mixing warmer and cooler metals together like copper mixed with silver, or brass with a dark bronze. There’s a fresh unexpectedness to it.

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