Designing Retail Environments for the Athleisure Trend

Chloe Kernaghan, left, and Krissy Jones. Credit Isak Tiner for The New York Times

"From Alexander Wang to Beyoncé, Everyone’s Doing It: The Rise of Athleisure” – Style.com

In spirit of the #getintoshapes photo contest going on this month at Architectural Systems, I switched up my normal exercise routine and organized a yoga charity event that was held on the roof deck at Equinox 61st Street. We had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed flowing through poses at sunset. 

Seeing everyone go straight to their next destination still in (very stylish) workout clothes inspired me to write about the latest fashion/design trend, Athleisure!

“Athleisure wear is a relatively new concept, and its explosive growth over the past few years shows no sign of abating” – design:retail Magazine

Athleisure: the blurring of athletic and leisure pursuits. Think anything from designer leggings, cashmere sweaters and luxury "gym-to-street" workout clothes

"Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants anywhere." - Instyle Magazine

Merchants are challenged with creating the right ambiance for a perfect combination of leisure and luxury and they look to retail design professionals to create shops that showcase luscious high performance apparel in the right setting.

Always ahead of trends, ASI was involved years ago in the first private label active wear department at  Macy’s. To highlight their launch of the shop-in-shop, ASI supplied a custom-colored vinyl film from The Perla™ Collection, laminated to a purple acrylic to create a focal wall which featured the famous supermodel/muse and pioneer of athleisure Christy Turlington, as a yogi mannequin. Namaste!

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In the new concept stores for Lucy Activewear, Eco-Dimension Bamboo Wall Panels part of ASI Wood Panels were installed on the merchandise wall to reflect movement that is synergistic with their brand loyal customers.

To complete the athleisure look, you need to find the perfect athletic footwear. For Lace-Up  in Brooklyn, ASI supplied luxury vinyl flooring in a stone pattern to recreate a timeless retail environment, while tying in the experience of “lacing up” the right shoe to complement the gym-to-street apparel trend.

I’m really excited about the new patterns we are introducing to the phenomenally popular Ornamental Surfaces collection. This material is ideal for designers creating spaces for the athleisure wear!


Looking for even more inspiration, check out ASI Material Boards created on demand for designer presentations, ideas and collaboration:


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