What Inspires Michael Loverich?


The BOFFO Building Fashion Challenge has become a highlight of my summer! The contest explores the intersection of architecture and fashion through integrated store and exhibition design. My mom, Nancy, is on the board of BOFFO, and has the privilege of being on the jury to choose the winning architects. Additionally, Architectural Systems allocates ASI materials to be installed in all three pop-up retail environments. Recently, the first of three winners, Bittertang, was announced to design a temporary retail store for menswear designer Michael Bastian.

Designed around Bastian's rugged New England vibe, and his childhood memory of beeswax furniture polish,
Bittertang created a ‘Walls of Wax’ concept depicted above

Michael Loverich of Bittertang on the left in the ASI showroom and Michael Bastian on the right in his studio

You can imagine how excited I was to work with Michael Loverich when he came into the ASI showroom for inspiration. He thoughtfully put together a palette of textured and very sculpted materials. As we were chatting about Michael's concept for the project, we got to talking about our favorite spots in the city. I love rooftop bars in the summer, but Michael prefers to go underground, escaping the city heat. He recommended the Mexican restaurant, Pulqueria, on Doyers Street here in New York City. And after chatting with him I can understand why he goes there. It’s attune to his fascinating sensibility!

Pulqueria - a fusion of Ancient Aztec culture and the streets of Mexico City.

The jury is just 4 days away from picking the second architect and submissions are still being accepted! Meanwhile, I'll be underground trying my first pulque. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and behind the scenes information as the competition heats up!

Posted at 7/9/2013 2:3 PM

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