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While I may be a Materialista, I know I’m not the only one who has gone out of her way to touch a wall tile or wonder about the hardwood flooring that was used in a trendy hotel. Yes, materials are my passion… and I know they’re your passion too.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to ask designers what interior finishes they love. It's so great to share this love with like-minded people that now it's a tradition!


Our first bit of love came from II by IV Design, an award-winning Toronto firm. Principals Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook had this to say to Hospitality Design magazine in a recent issue:


Fusion Wood Panels from Architectural Systems are made from reclaimed wine barrels, and sometimes you can see the vineyard names. We love their sustainability as well as the texture and coloration, which comes from the natural wine stains.”



We asked Harry Cunningham, SVP of Visual at Saks, what he was taken by, too. Turns out it is depth and dimension in material. 

 “I am a big fan of glass tile... There are so many varieties today, and even with the new finishes and mixes, they all nod back to artistic works of the past.” 


Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, featuring Artisan Glass


Meanwhile, Cynthia Passarelli, Senior Designer and Director of Resource Studio, Charles Sparks + Company, expressed her affection for a product that made an impact for Neiman Marcus.

“Love Magna Mosaic® because of the subtle way the material can give you elegance and texture in natural colors. When lit properly the texture can be seen from quite a distance, a perfect backdrop to showcase beautiful products.”

Neiman Marcus, Bellevue, WA, featuring Magna Mosaic® Collection 


Our friend Edward Calabrese, Senior Associate, Retail Group Creative Director, Mancini Duffy, made us blush with his response. 

“We have been specifying ASI products for many years. It seems when I’m looking for the unique, I can always rely on this source. Right now we have two wood flooring products going into the renovation of Bloomingdale’s Chicago – a fabulous hardwood in random planks for a section of Designer Women’s Shoes and a really beautiful Herringbone in Accessories. The color and finishes are so often in sync with our point of view. (More importantly, we know the performance of ASI products assures us of a worry free installation!)”


Bloomingdale's, Santa Monica, CA, featuring Shore Hardwood Collection


FRCH’s VP, Creative Managing Director, Heesun Kim, also favors ASI Hardwood. 

“The European Hardwood Collection is one of my favorites. It is a timeless flooring solution for any space. The color is very sophisticated and the installation looks fantastic!”


As a blogger, my second love is media! Check out some of my top sites: 



Don’t miss their recent post on the Balance of Work and Family, an IIDANY forum I was on the committee for, moderated by Nancy Jackson, Architectural Systems, together with five, all-star hospitality design panelists.



We have a soft spot for another like-minded group with “material” in their name, which also features ASI products! 

It’s been fun to watch this site grow over the years. Look for upcoming collaborations between BOFFO and Architectural Systems, which will be featured on Architizer! 

And I love to get news from my other beloved world - fashion - on The Cut by New York magazine and RackedNY ny.racked.com/

You know I’ll be reading them now that it’s Fashion Week!!

Blogs are a great way to track the trends and get inspired. What other blogs do you follow? Let us know in the comments below and share the love of materials through social media!


And while you’re looking for some design ideas this month, don’t miss our special V-day materials trend board on Pinterest. Its theme? Red!  


Happy Valentine's Day!

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