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Our quest for the latest innovative materials takes ASI around the world. Everyone here keeps their eyes and ears open to new design ideas in different cities and we’re sensing that there is change coming in hospitality. Last month, Materialista® reported on growth in the retail sector.  This month, with HD Expo just weeks away, we’re spotlighting hospitality.


At the show, join us at booth 927 to see how these concepts can be translated through the power of materials. Once you're there, don't miss WHAT'S NEXT® Live on May 16 at 3pm where Nancy Jackson, President of Architectural Systems will talk trends in hospitality with David Ashen, Principal, D-ash Design.

Even if you can’t make it to the show, check out our interview with Steve Sherman, BBG-BBGM’s Senior Designer, who shares his predictions on new concepts and trends in hotels. Steve sees a greater emphasis on innovation, authenticity and says that the need for big design moments is greater than ever. Materialista® agrees!


Here is Steve's take:

- What trends are you tracking in hospitality?

Consumer trend tracking is vital for designing towards the existing or the predicted “next things” that consumers want -- or don’t know that they want yet until they experience it. The challenge lies in creating environments that pursue and capture this concept. For example, a few years ago nobody knew they wanted community tables until they experienced them within great environments. Now they are a norm and almost expected in hotel lobbies and F&B outlets.


The most obvious trend that we’re still tracking is the slow economy. Creating environments that recognize this fact and provide perceived luxury is the opportunity we have as hospitality designers. The four and five star hotels will always provide opportunities for stunning designs, however, the trend of providing really great design for three star properties is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it has become its own blue ocean marketing strategy. 



- How have you seen hospitality design change in the last year?

Innovation. If ever there was a time for hospitality designers to get their hands in it, it’s now.With the economy still in recovery, projects often have limited budgets or require utilizing existing conditions to stretch the project scope creatively while minding costs. Hierarchy of big design moments comes into play more than ever. With domestic renovations and conversions more common than new build projects, finding innovative ways to reinvent properties towards new brands or capital expense budgets has become priority. 



- What are the key words in hospitality now?

Comfort, escapism, familiarity – sleek lines and minimal profiles that were out there as little as five years ago are being usurped by traditional forms in unconventional finishes, deep tufted upholsteries, industrial pieces repurposed into furniture, found objects being curated into design schemes. As I write this though, I do realize that even this trend is peaking.

We see SENSIBLE opulence with consciousness towards the environment and money well spent. On the brand front, branding design has become more covert and emotional as opposed to being obvious. Trust plays into that. 



- As a materials company, we work with designers to translate their design vision through the power of materials. How do materials contribute to your projects?

Innovative material products are the sort of resource that inspires designs as opposed to looking at conventional materials as a “go-to” source. It’s sort of like seeing the kid who had the huge 64 count box of crayons when I was used to having 30 to play with. Options!



 Get inspired by our full gallery of inspiring hospitality projects on www.archsystems.com

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