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I can’t believe Fall Fashion Week has already come and gone!!!

While it’s always my favorite time to be in New York, this year was especially thrilling because I got to attend the party celebrating the opening of the new pop-up shop of Nicola Formacetti.


Even if you're not one of his 91,472 Twitter followers, you probably already know that Nicola is the creative director for Thierry Mugler as well as being Lady Gaga’s fashion director, and now I know where her wild and fashion-forward style comes from! Nicola branded all of the party-goers with Panda stamps -- to go along with his "little Panda" persona.


Not only did I get to hob-nob with the coolest fashionistas in the city and the most cutting-edge architects and designers, it was also a very special Materialista event because the amazing reflective material Architectural Systems supplied was everywhere! 

The incredible stage set 'reflecting' Nicola’s point of view was designed by Mark Foster Gage and Marc Clemenceau Bailly who chose ASI’s Ornamental Surfaces material to create what Vogue described as “fractured floor-to-ceiling prism mirrors.” Just be careful if you're wearing a skirt because the floor is mirrored too!!


We loved reading some of the great ways the press described this innovative use of the Ornamental Surfaces material ...

In the Architect Newspaper's Fabrikator feature, Gage discussed how the selected material worked with the design concept (and the eye-popping Mugler clothes!) by “dematerializing the fashion into a pattern on the walls.” The article went on to describe the exciting collaboration between them and Architectural Systems...

"Building Fashion material sponsor Architectural Systems consulted with the architects on their concept of a faceted stage—one on which perhaps even Lady Gaga would perform... ASI supplied 200 sheets with three separate performance characteristics: for the floor, for the walls and ceiling." (Read more) 


In addition to the Architect's Newspaper feature, I loved reading about ASI material in Elle: “… the space is made of broken mirrors, and it’s kind of dizzying to add people into the mix with vintage Versace‘s reflected in a hundred different mirrors.”

And here's the Huffington Post: “Imagine walking inside a disco ball and you get the picture.”


In addition to being a material partner for the event, Architectural Systems is also an event partner for BOFFO NY -- Nicola's pop-up shop is the first of five BOFFO exhibits for the season. (Today's the last day Nicola's shop is on view, but stay tuned for the 2nd installation coming up soon: Irene Neuwirth & TheVeryMany, September 29 – October 12, 2011!)


Just to give you a little background on BOFFO, ASI is very excited about the opportunity to be involved with an organization that is merging the world of fashion with architecture & design. This is BOFFO NY's second year, and if we can judge by the amazing success of the first exhibit, we can't wait to see where the rest of the season will take us!


For more about Mark Foster Gage and how architectural surfaces like Ornamental Surfaces can combine with emerging technology and new digital fabrication techniques to provide architects with unprecedented out-of-this-world design options like Nicola's shop, check out Mark's new book "Composites, Surfaces, and Software: High Performance Architecture."

And don't forget the next BOFFO exhibit, Irene Neuwirth & TheVeryMany! So excited to be kicking off the fall season with such creative collaborations to come!

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