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Dream_LobbyI got a chance to tour the new Dream Downtown Hotel in Chelsea for NEWH Hospitality Industry Network’s last Toasty Tuesday event.  On the cool, younger sister of the Dream New York (where ASI Pearl Imagio® and the Perla Mosaic® luxury vinyl tiles were installed in the Ava Lounge!), the perforated metal façade and oversized porthole-shaped windows of this new property really catches the eye! 

This is one of the latest projects in the Vikram Chatwal Hotel portfolio, part of Wyndham Hotel Group (ASI supplied the Crystallized Glass Stone at his first project, The Time Hotel too!). Dream is already becoming the latest celebrity hotspot (I read in Life & Style Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted there!). 


Our own A&D celebrity guest was George Scammel, Vice President, Global Design of Wyndham, joining us for the cocktail portion of the event, hosted in the über-cool rooftop lounge, PH-D. The elevator ride up was itself a visual experience. The mirrored ceilings and pinkish illuminated walls put me in a dream-like state, a nice homage to the hotel’s name. PH-D lounge was wonderfully appointed, combining elements of Miami Beach and Mad Men (one of my favorite AMC TV shows).  The outdoor wrap-around patio featured edgy decor and incredible views of the city, especially at sunset.


The most exciting part of the visit for me was checking out the pool area. Called “The Beach”, it’s complete with white-sand and lounging areas, and a bar and restaurant. The Dream Hotel’s pool deck is the perfect way to escape the summer heat. But be careful while taking a dip -- the pool’s glass bottom also serves as a series of skylights for the hotel’s lobby.  So if you don’t want people watching you from the lobby steakhouse, Marble Lane, or snapping paparazzi pics in your bathing suit, you may want to rethink what time of day you go swimming!


Speaking of the lobby, rich wood wall panels and end grain wood block floors juxtapose beautifully with the brushed metallic fabrics and pops of color.  Make sure to check out the “swing room” by the elevators, where you can revisit your childhood by taking a ride on the huge rope swings that hang from the ceiling. With more restaurants to open in the Fall and amenities like a gift shop, I can’t wait to go back and visit again.


Materialista’s rating? This hotel is dreamy!

Posted at 8/25/2011 3:20 PM

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