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trends1Who influences whom - Fashion designers or Interior designers? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference! The inspiration for fashion and material trends are often interchangeable. As you know, Materialista® lives in the Big Apple, and at the close of International Fashion Week in New York, London, Paris, and Milan - the fashion capital of the world - I have been spotting the trends of the season on the street and in the places I go: faux fur/animal prints, the mixing of prints & patterns, and military chic.


Top reasons to love faux fur? It’s easy on the wallet, animal friendly, and oh-so-soft! Personally, I’m a sucker for anything leopard. Whether it’s a coat, a skirt, or an accessory, classic animal prints are en vogue this season. Even my 2 and 1/2 year old niece rocks her leopard leggings around town. Some of these gorgeous prints, with the plush feel, are part of a new product collection being introduced from ASI, Ornamental Surfaces. The applications are endless – feature walls, ceilings, furniture, window displays and visual merchandising elements to complement even the faux fur apparel!


The trend of mixing prints and floral patterns can be tricky, but playing with different textures and colors is all part of the fun, whether you’re getting dressed or designing a space. Balenciaga reinvented the school girl uniform this season by using a floral motif so similar to our contemporary Floral ceramic tile, where you can also mix and match tile and grout colors. When contrasting colors click, the result is an artful collage!



While shopping the stores to update my work wardrobe, I saw a military jacket with amazing silver metallic buttons that I’m dying to have. It will go with everything. And so will the Domes from the Metallic Mosaics collection that look just like those buttons! The mesh-backed tiles in edgy stainless steel and black colorations will suggest the on-trend Military look when refreshing a retail environment or creative corporate office. This style continues to reign as it marches into fall with army green jackets and coats, cargo pants and lace- up boots.

Fashion and interiors is such a hot topic, it’s the theme of this year’s IIDA Hospitality Forum – Designer Hotels! Be a part of the discussion on the influence of Fashion & Branding on Hospitality, November 15th.

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