Hybrid Barn Wood Panels

Vintage WPVEP140

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1 - 1000: $20.34

1001 - 2500: $19.14

2501+: $17.94

17 square feet per box

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SIZE: Basketweave: 14" x 40", Chevron: 16 ½" x 59 ½", Smoked End Grain: 11 1/4" x 56 ¼", Vintage: 14" x 44"
THICKNESS: Basketweave: 10mm and 11mm, Chevron: 11mm and 13mm, Smoked End Grain: 12mm, 17mm and 22mm,
Vintage: 8.5mm and 10mm
BACKING: Russian Birch 6mm
FINISH: Unfinished, Naturally Aged Smoked End Grain: 100% Natural Oil Stain
SPECIES: Mix of Pine, Cedar, Spruce and Reclaimed
INSTALLATION: Interlocking, Glue and Finishing Nails
• Corner Moldings (Charcoal Stained) Available for Basketweave, Chevron and Vintage only. Contact sales@archsystems.com
• Lacey Act Compliant
• VOC Free
• Can contribute to LEED®
• Available for purchase at shopASI; In Stock products are subject to availability
• Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material