Composition Cork - Shapes

Checkers - Emerald WPCOM023

Additional colors and styles

  • WPCOM015
  • WPCOM016
  • WPCOM019
  • WPCOM020
  • WPCOM021
  • WPCOM022
  • WPCOM024
  • WPCOM017


  • SIZE: 10" x 10" nominal; Bow Tie: 9.5" x 6.5" nominal; SKUs are listed for natural
    THICKNESS: Block, Checker, Summit: 1"; Pop: 13/16"; Bow Tie: 1.5"
    FINISH: Prefinished
    COLORS: Natural, Ivory, Yellow, Red, Bordeaux, Olive, Turquoise, Emerald, Chocolate, Black, Copper, Taupe, Grey; SKUs are listed for Natural
    INSTALLATION: Secure to vertical surface with construction adhesive
    CONSTRUCTION: Solid Granulated Cork
    • Low VOC emissions
    • Sound Absorbing (reduces human voice frequencies up to 50%)
    • Can contribute to LEED®
    • Please note that variations in color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material