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The latest addition to the Embossed Wood - Geometrix™ Collection is Expressionism - Bijou and End Grain VeneersBijou expresses spontaneous emotion by crafting exotic texture and dimension to real oak veneers with colors ranging from light to dark and metallic effects on lacquerable foils. Design logic and functionality coexist brilliantly in these re-proportioned patterns. End Grain Veneers embrace nature in contemporary designs. Each panel captures the essence of hardwood qualities plus the natural characteristics of the wood species with its form and color.

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Expressionism - Bijou - Jewel

  • WPAEW754

    Natural Oak WPAEW754

  • WPAEW756

    Smoked Oak WPAEW756

  • WPAEW757

    White Lacquer WPAEW757

  • WPAEW758

    Gold Lacquer WPAEW758

Expressionism - Bijou - Gem

  • WPAEW750

    Natural Oak WPAEW750

  • WPAEW752

    Smoked Oak WPAEW752

  • WPAEW751

    Gray Oak WPAEW751

Expressionism - Bijou - Bauble

  • WPAEW760

    White Lacquer WPAEW760

  • WPAEW762

    Silver Lacquer WPAEW762

Expressionism - End Grain Veneers

  • WPAEW745

    End Grain WPAEW745

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Expressionism - Bijou - Jewel

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  • Size:
    Gem: 50" x 123.4"; Jewel, Bauble, End Grain: 41" x 96" nominal standard
  • Segment Size:
    End Grain: 13.75" x 13.75" nominal
  • Thickness:
    Jewel: 28 mm; GemBauble, End Grain: 18.5 mm
  • Finish:
    Jewel and Gem: Prefinished Veneer; White or Gold Lacquered Foil available; Bauble: Primed, White, Gold or Silver Lacquered Foil; End Grain: Prefinished
  • Veneers:
    Jewel and Gem: Natural Oak, Grey Oak and Smoked Oak; Bauble: Lacquerable Foil on both sides; End Grain: Natural Oak
  • Construction:
    Jewel: Plywood; Gem, Bauble: Chipboard; End Grain: Black MDF core
  • Cut-to-size panels and matching edge-banding is available, minimums will apply
  • Panel matching is available on select patterns
  • Matching veneer available; Contact sales@archsystems.com
  • Can contribute to LEED®
  • Please note that variations on color and texture may occur due to the nature of the material

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